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FBI utilizes Video Widgets to capture criminals

TechCrunch reports that the FBI has unveiled viral media tools such as video and quiz widgets to allow the general public to help identify known criminals. From the article:

” The first is a new Video Widget that allows users to embed the Bureau’s videos in their webpages and blogs. It’s a pretty standard widget, but the content is obviously more serious than your average YouTube video — and it could actually help catch a few bad guys.”


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Lenovo leverages Widgets in new Skylight Smartbook

The Washington Post (via PC World) takes a look at the Lenovo Skylight. The Skylight is a lightweight netbook that takes advantage of widgets to provide content.  From the article:

” The Skylight will gather media stored across formats and display it on the appropriate widget, re-populating the library as USB keys and the like are removed. If 10.1 inches isn’t enough screen real-estate, a mini-HDMI output port is included, for piping your media out onto a larger screen.”

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