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TV Widgets for “Content Snackers”

ClickZ discusses how TV Widgets provide “content snacks” for consumers while they are in entertainment mode. From tha article:

“This is about ‘content snacking,'” said Jeff Whatcott, SVP of marketing for online video services firm Brightcove. “I think, ultimately, TV ads are going to have more to compete with for consumers’ attention… We’ll see more ads in the widget content as well as an advertising strategy over time.”


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Yahoo partners with MIPS for Widget Engine distribution

VentureBeat provides an overview of the Yahoo – MIPS partnership and the strategic value it provides Yahoo for building out its widget platform. From the article:

” Yahoo’s ambition is to make the widget the preferred way for people to look at web sites on their televisions. With a remote control, users who have the engine can click on an icon and view web sites ranging from Yahoo’s front page to YouTube videos.”

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ShowTime Networks rolls out Yahoo TV Widget

All Headline News reports that ShowTime has created a TV Widget for the Yahoo Connected TV platform. From the article:

” The widget is designed to be handy and informative and will allow viewers to watch free samples of Showtime episodes from Original Series Season Premieres, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, video features, value added content and much more. Fans can go further to find out about their favorite actors including cast lists, bios and filmographies.”

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Yahoo TV Widgets invade CES 2010

One of the biggest stories at CES 2010 was the expansion of Yahoo’s TV Widget platform. From the Los Angeles Times:

” Sony, Samsung, LG and Vizio — will put Connected TV widgets on more models this year. Also expected is a significant expansion in the number of TV widgets, or applications that deliver audio, video and other content from the Web to the TV screen. (Examples include photos from Flickr, microblog posts from Twitter and online video from DailyMotion.)”

Official Yahoo Press Release here

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